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May 2018

We got together to catch up with show news, events, and happenings.  We are looking forward to a very busy summer at The Knights Pub.  Listen

February 2018

STANQUEST  As the boys gather together on this cold, chilly February morning, seeking fame, fortune, and adventure along the way, the question of whether or not this show would be intended for the ears for all audiences, or lest be forgotten in the shadowy vaults of The Knights Pub?  Believe it or not, this show, with the persistence, concentration, and mindfulness of the hosts, does not have coarse language!  Although, this being not only the topic of discussion, Stan and Elliot got together to discuss past shows, upcoming guests on The Knights Pub, our faith and mission in life, and our dear departed muse, friend, and Jedi Master, Audrey.  We are looking forward to having a great time in the future, with friends and guests, on The Knights Pub.Listen

January 2018

The boys got together to catch up and discuss the upcoming guests that will be stopping by The Knights Pub in the near future.  Not only did we discuss upcoming and future guests, but we touched on the tide pod challenge, charlie-charlie phenomenon, Ouija Board, and our good old friend the Physic Circle Board.  Also, we were sadden to report the loss of our very good friend, grandmother, guide, muse, and Jedi Master, Audrey.  We have spoken about her numerous times on the videos and shows and we will miss her dearly.  May God grant her rest in his eternal kingdom and may she smile down upon us as we continue our crusade here at The Knights Pub.  Listen

Please join us as Author of True Stories of the Paranormal, Cindy Parimeter, stops by The Knights Pub.  Cindy Parmiter started out as a screenwriter before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Her first work of fiction, “Three Haunted Tales” is a collection of short horror stories. Her second novel, “Fox Holler”, relates the plight of a close-knit farm family who find themselves pitted against murderous home invaders.
Always fascinated by true ghost stories and other tales of the supernatural, Cindy decided to change directions and focus her writing in the genre of nonfiction. Her family history is steeped in folklore so stories were plentiful which resulted in the “True Stories of the Paranormal” series.

We apologize for the audio of this show.  After mixing down the show, it was discovered that the audio for Cindy was very hard to hear, although the live feed was working.  The equipment was tested before the show and we still had an issue hearing Ms. Parmiter.  We believe that the stories of her family’s experiences with the paranormal, may have played a part with the audio during this evenings show. This type of problem has never occurred at The Knights Pub.  Listen

Author and founder of Advanced Ghost Hunters Of Seattle Tacoma, Ross Allison, has been investigating the paranormal for close to 30 years. His work has taken him all over the world and throughout his travels, Ross has  collected ghost stories, investigated haunted sites and photographed some of the most beautiful cemeteries you can only imagine.
Besides his passion for exploring the unknown, Ross has written a number of books, with articles featured in magazines and blogs. He also enjoys traveling the US to speak with students, fellow ghost hunters and others that fancy a good ghost story.  Listen

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  1. Stan says:

    Yeah !! WERE BACK BABY!!! Hope everyone enjoy’s

  2. Melinda Gagnon Assistant to Bill Bean says:

    Thank you for a great show!

    • Elliot says:

      Melinda, thank you for scheduling Reverend Bean to come on our show. You both are always welcomed on The Knights Pub. Many Blessings to you both and your families.

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