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December 2, 2017     7:00PM <CST>

Please join us as author Paul Smith stops back by The Knights Pub to discuss his latest book Sexy Alien Races.  A fun, fictional romantic comedy novel. If you can find a funnier book BUY IT! A handsome young publicist gets a job at a wacky Las Vegas minor league baseball operation and tries to win over his gorgeous boss and her eccentric father, the team’s owner. Along the way he creates (and corrupts) costumed ballpark mascot races, based on actual alien sightings, all before a huge misunderstanding occurs. Can our klutzy hero win back his job, his girl, his friends and his self-respect — or will he go bankrupt, get arrested, dumped and kicked to the curb by aging loan-shark “senile delinquents?”


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August 5, 2017 7:00 PM (CST)

Please join us as author of Leviathan’s Ruse, The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good & Evil,  Alexander Lawrence, stops by The Knights Pub.  In Leviathan’s Ruse, Alexander Lawrence exposes the tactics of the Dragon while tackling popular misconceptions and unbiblical views that have infected the church. He illuminates six major components to the great deception that Satan has leveled against us since the Garden of Eden, and explains how these relate to biblical end-time prophecies.



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July 1, 2017  7:00 PM (CST)

Please join us as we welcome Avia Belle Moon to The Knights Pub.  Avia began a writing career in Japan over 15 years ago with a book on ancient Japanese nobility. Now she finds herself writing about the paranormal.  In Spiritland: Ghosts of California’s Central Coast, Avia introduces California’s Central Coast as an incredible vortex of healing and paraspiritual energy, with Point Conception believed to be the “Western Gate” of the United States.  Acquaint yourself with spirits who roam miles and miles along California’s gorgeous central coastline. Stroll through haunted halls of missions in the footsteps of Chumash Indians and Spanish conquistadors. Make your way to the Santa Maria Inn, which is filled with ghosts from its illustrious past who regularly use the elevator. Spend some time in Summerland, or heaven, the first Spiritualist colony in the U.S., and meet Hector, the young boy who inhabits The Big Yellow House. Explore the theory of a parallel universe and different dimensions. Enter the world of Robbie, a young boy whose life was cut short by an evil entity that still travels between this world and the next to hide his wicked crime. So join the spirits along California s central coast and spend time within an incredible vortex of paranormal energy!




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July 29 2017 11:00 AM (CST) 4:00 PM (GMT)

Paul was born in Surrey in 1966 and grew up in South-West London. Through popular ghost books by writers such as Dan Farson and Mary Danby, together with late-night showings of Hammer Films, Paul became fascinated with the paranormal in both fact and fiction. In 1939, ghost hunter Harry Price claimed to have attended a seance at a private house in London where, under his own control conditions, the solid form of a little girl, who had been dead for over fifteen years, materialized among the sitters. The case of ‘Rosalie’, the spirit child, is perhaps Price’s most controversial investigation and has remained a mystery for eighty years. In his book, Paul has carried out the most detailed examination of the ‘Rosalie’ case ever undertaken, and now the true story of this extraordinary chapter in the history of twentieth century psychical research can be told.
Was Harry Price telling the truth? Had he himself been fooled by a clever trick? Or was ‘Rosalie’ genuine evidence of the reality of both life after death and spirit materialization? In this book, Paul Adams, co-author of The Borley Rectory Companion, offers the most detailed, original and comprehensive study undertaken of Harry Price and ‘Rosalie’. Extensively researched and compiled from numerous sources including the Harry Price archives at the University of London as well as private and unpublished collections, this is the true story of one of psychical research’s most enduring and engaging mysteries.


June 18, 2017 11:00 AM <CST>

Please join us as we welcome “Your Haunted Life”  series author G. Michael Vasey to The Knights Pub to discuss, among many subjects, The Black Eyed Kids phenomenon.  With over 30 books in print, Gary is an established author with notable contributions in the areas of the paranormal, metaphysics, poetry, and business.  He was born in the city of Hull in England, and grew up in East Yorkshire, the eldest of three boys, but imagine growing up around poltergeist activity and ghosts? G. Michael Vasey had exactly that kind of childhood, experiencing ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary, supernatural phenomena. In fact, he seemed to attract it, developing an interest in the occult and supernatural at an early age and he has been fascinated ever since.

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May 6, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>

Please join us as we welcome back Paul Smith to The Knights Pub.  Paul has an even more explosive topic to explore: the eerie paranormal prophecies for the Second Coming of Christ, as relayed by Jesus himself; 1930s by American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce; and by 1960s-1980s author Ruth Montgomery. She was a pen pal of Paul’s, and issued many on-target predictions via her series of best-selling books, partly written through her by some noble “Spirit Guides.” Actual matching scientific data on these supernatural forecasts, issued just recently, is laced within the pages of this family-friendly fictional adventure novel, “The Treasure Keys to Christ’s Return.” The decision to write this book was cinched when in mid-November 2016, Paul experienced a riveting, “very, very real” dream of meeting Jesus, face to face!

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April 8, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>

The Kentucky State penitentiary opened its heavy iron gates to the condemned over 100 years ago—yet many of them long deceased, still walk its corridors…

Please join us as Steve E. Asher, author of Hauntings of the Kentucky State Penitentiary, stops by The Knights Pub.  Noted paranormal researcher Steve E. Asher provides true, first-hand accounts of the paranormal shares as well as his own personal experiences at the state’s most violent, controversial—and haunted—prison. He uncovers the shocking testimonies of the men and women who have actually worked behind the prison walls and their encounters with
the spirits of dead inmates. The compelling facts found inside this book will leave you questioning everything you ever thought possible about life after death.

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March 4, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>

Please join us as Stephen Walker, author of “Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of the Paranormal,” stops by The Knights Pub.  A child’s lonely spirit roams a New Orleans hotel since his death there in the late 1800s, ghostly children routinely visit the young residents of a house in Jennings, Missouri, the apparition of a young boy still has a head wound that gives graphic testimony to his violent death by gunshot, and a demonic entity wreaks havoc at an apartment building in the Soulard neighborhood of South St. Louis.  These terrifying eyewitness accounts offer chilling evidence of what is inside “Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of the Paranormal.”  

Stephen P. Walker is a St. Louis history buff and ghost enthusiast who has long enjoyed gathering tales of the supernatural. Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of the Paranormal presents the best of his collection, which are all true, first person accounts. His enjoyment of local history and the pursuit of spirits inspired the writing of his first book, Lemp: The Haunting History, published in 1989.




February 18, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>  RESCHEDULED FOR LATER DATE

Please join us as Kim Johnston and Jenny Scott, authors of Haint Blue The Rockford Haunting, stops by The Knights PubThe Rockford Haunting is the journey of a family through the grips of a paranormal entity. Hunter and Jenny Scott rented a country home near Rockford, AL in the winter of 2012. What began as a dream ended up a nightmare.  Hunter, Jenny and their three children experienced strange noises, shadow people and being physically attacked by a paranormal entity. Within months, a story began to emerge….a story so strange and intriguing, it nearly ended up in a true crime novel by the one and only, Harper Lee. Kim Johnston and her paranormal research team, SCARe of Alabama, conducted an investigation at the home, and discovered more than anyone ever imagined. After over a year of research, a link was found between the location of the house and a series of deaths that occurred in the Rockford area in the 1970s. Could this link explain the strange paranormal activity the members of the Scott family experienced?


January 28, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>

Please join us as Sonia Brosz, author of The Curse of El Diablo, stops by The Knights Pub.

Sonia Brosz is a Maronite Catholic, Charismatic, a visionary and spiritual warrior called forty-four years ago to the service of God in the field of exorcism and deliverance. With over forty years of training and acquired knowledge in metaphysics, witchcraft, magic and sorcery of all cultures and religions of the world, she has been an active consultant and advisor to exorcists of The Catholic Church as well as deliverance pastors and ministers of all faiths for over thirty years.

She began writing at the age of eight, penning stories about “Arbo the Church Mouse” for The Parish Visitor, a local ALC Lutheran newsletter for her local parish. Since that time, she has written numerous news articles for local papers in her home state of North Dakota, as well as feature stories and poetry for magazines and small anthologies of poetry.

She has been active on the internet as a website designer and author of many blogs over the years, detailing internet web design and marketing tricks and tips, as well as a personal blog where she began to write her first self-help guide to exorcising spirits and entities from the lives and homes of afflicted people. This blog grew into her present website, Get Rid of, which describes all aspects of the paranormal in great detail for those who want to understand the truth.

Sonia is also a USN Vietnam Era Veteran, happily married for thirty-six years, the mother of two incredible sons and the grandmother of three lovely children.

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January 14, 2017 7:00 PM <CST>

Paul Smith’s new blockbuster 2016 book, “3 Presidents – 2 Accidents More MO41 UFO Crash Data and Surprises,” is ready to even more fully examine in greater detail the facts, rumors, clues, and existing evidence for an alien spacecraft crash-landing on a farm outside Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in mid-April 1941. The riveting sequel to “MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell” – as seen recently on the History Channel – is set to reinforce the shocking conclusion: in 1941 the U.S. Army hustled away three ET bodies and a damaged flying disc, but some folks talked! Plus, we’ll examine the 1941 actions of President Franklin Roosevelt, future presidents Truman and Kennedy, and a few other familiar faces and places involved.

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January 5, 2017     7:00 PM CST

Please join us as we speak with Michele Zirkle Marcum, author of “Rain No Evil”.  “Rain No Evil” is based on Michele Zirkle Marcum’s true story of liberation from evil spirits that entered her home and attached to her after daring God to prove He was real. A most bizarre answer to the prayer changed her life. Within days, water was spraying inside her house as if from an invisible water hose. She saw a demon in her mirror and many paranormal events manifested. After getting rid of the evil spirits, she left the verbally abusive marriage and wrote, “Rain No Evil.” She tells this incredible story because the events and the assistance of an energy healer helped her to transform her life.

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February 5th, 2016   rj

8:00 PM CST

Please join us as we welcome RJ von-Bruening to The Knights Pub.  RJ von-Bruening is a new author and amateur astronomer with an extensive technical background in the electrical industry. He has spent most of his life quietly researching the occult, secret societies, conspiracy theories, and the strange world of the paranormal. His ground breaking first book, The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch is the product of this work and will make you ask the question, ‘Is the story of humanity far older and richer than the institutions of society have led us to believe?’

Using archaeo-astronomy, religious stories, ancient artifacts, and our modern understanding of human evolution, RJ von-Bruening presents a compelling and thought-provoking case to suggest that it is. In the Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch, you will take a unique and fascinating journey into the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today.

This is the hidden knowledge that is taught in the mystery schools and religions that still exist today. For the first time, a single, understandable story has been woven together from a great number of ancient mysteries, religious stories, and modern conspiracy theories. It will give you the first true understanding of the depth and scope of cultural phenomenon of a New World Order and in the process provides a radically new timeline and interpretation of the entire biblical tradition.

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June 18, 2016

Please join us as we welcome spiritual warrior, the Reverend Bill Bean, to The Knights 35265335-20151021-photos-Bean_Promo_Poster_2015Pub. Bill Bean is a world renowned spiritual deliverance minister/exorcist, and is known as “The Spiritual Warrior.’ He’s also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert. Bean is currently being featured on the Lifetime Movie Network series, “I was Possessed,” and has been featured in 4 episodes on the Discovery Channel & Destination America’s ‘A Haunting’ series. Bean also appeared in the 2010 Syfy movie ‘The Haunted Boy’ and has appeared in many TV shows about the supernatural. Bill has given over 1500 media interviews and has performed hundreds of deliverance/exorcism’s all over America.

By sharing his testimony of insurmountable tragedy and discovering his path towards deliverance and redemption through the power of GOD, he has impacted the lives of so many people from all walks of life. Bill is anointed in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry that addresses anything from curses / attachments / obsession / oppression to possession by demonic spirits.


July 9, 2016 7:00 PM CST

Please join us as we welcome author of My Decent into Death, Pastor Howard Storm to stormThe Knights Pub.  We will be speaking to Pastor Storm about his near death experience <NDE>, spiritual warfare, and his new book Lesson Learned.  Born in a suburb in Massachusetts, Pastor Storm is a former art professor and chairman of the art department at theNorthern Kentucky University, best known as the author of the book My Descent into Death about his near-death experience (NDE). The book was originally published in 2000, and after being noticed by author Anne Rice and supported by her, was acquired by Doubleday and re-published as a hardback book in 2005.
Howard Storm is presently happily married to his wife Marcia and is Pastor of the Covington United Church of Christ in Covington, Ohio. During his past time he has maintained his passion for painting but now, unlike in his past, he paints with a God state of mind which raises his paintings to a whole other level. On this website Pastor Storm shares a unique look at his paintings and the effect Jesus Christ has on his daily life and on his paintings.

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August 2, 2016 1:00 PM CST

Having been a victim of witchcraft at the age of 21, Connie Huft had numerous spiritual chuftencounters with the paranormal, witches and demonic forces. From a small child she was enamored with the paranormal; with secret, hidden things and wanted to know about Aliens, UFO’s, Ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, Angels, Demons and other mysterious things. After having several sinister and ominous paranormal encounters, she became concerned about who or what was really behind the paranormal. Her curiosity led her to the Bible and finally to Jesus, where she learned the dark truth behind her former life in the occult.  This is a rebroadcast show that was done with The Other Side of Life.  We felt it necessary to post this show since it deals heavily with the subject of spiritual warfare.  This is a one of the most listened to and requested shows on The Knights Pub.  Please go to shows to download, or to listen through our various venues.  Also, stay tunes to more upcoming shows in the near future.


October 9, 2015

We are more than excited to start and record our debut show at Brother Stan’s Chateau. <aka The Northern Knights Pub> We will also be going on our infamous Highway 94 Drive later that evening and recording it, via video.

October 16, 2015

We had the pleasure to get together with Bill & Joe from Answers for the Paranormal on Blog Talk Radio for An evening at The Knights Pub.  We discussed a variety of topics, but mostly the transition from The Other Side of Life podcast to The Knights Pub.  Bill & Joe are long time friends of the show and we were very blessed to be part of their broadcast this evening.  Please stop by their website and listen to their shows!  You can download the episode on our Shows page.

November 4th, 2015

It’s THAT TIME of year again and there is excitement in the air!  The boys are getting together for The Knights Pub Halloween spectacular!  The show starts at 8:00 PM CST and can be heard “LIVE” on Shoutcast and as always downloaded from our shows page!

December 4th, 2015   7:00 PM <CST>

moffittWe are more than honored to have Deborah Moffitt on the air with us to discuss her new book Unwelcomed -The True Story Of The Moffitt Family Haunting.  Deborah Moffitt is the experiencer behind the acclaimed novel A Deadly Haunting, which drew upon the frightening experiences she and her family endured at the hands of “Mr. Entity,” their unseen tormentor. Vastly intelligent and destructive, this demon wrought havoc in their lives and home, resulting in a daily battle to maintain their sanity. After 25 years Deborah decided to tell her story, detailing what went on in her family’s home during the six year period of nightmare in which “Mr. Entity” plagued them.

Listen live from the website or via Shoutcast Radio.

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December 18, 2015

patriverThe Knights Pub welcomes our special guest Pat Fitzhugh to the airwaves to discuss his books and works dealing with Tennessee’s Bell Witch legend. As of 2015, Fitzhugh is preparing for two upcoming TV roles and working on an updated version of “The Bell Witch: The Full Account.” A sequel to his 2009 title, “Ghostly Cries From Dixie,” is slated for publication in 2016. A sought-after paranormal researcher and lecturer, Fitzhugh has lectured at bookstores, paranormal conferences, theaters, and universities across the United States. When he is not writing scary books or chasing ghosts, he enjoys photography, eating Southern cuisine, making his guitars scream, and fishing at Turkey Creek.

Listen “live” from the website or via Shoutcast Radio.

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  1. I have a book out with Permuted Press. It is titled Hauntings of the Kentucky State Penitentiary.

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    You can find my book, “The Curse of El Diablo” on my publisher’s website, as well as on my site for autographed copies, or Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, etc.

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