The Knights Pub came into existence on August 15, 2015 after a very long and successful show, The Other Side of Life.  The Other Side of Life came into existence at first as a pilot pod cast show and eventually grew into a weekly/monthly broadcast starting in January 2010.  The Other Side of Life grew and became popular among our wildest dreams and everything was going as planned until the fall of 2014.  The Other Side of Life started to experience issues with the schedules of the two hosts Elliot and Stan.  This was due mostly to personal schedules, but the most devastating moment is when The Other Side of Life almost lost Stan to health complications.  So, The Other Side of Life was placed on hold while Stan was recovering, and during this time Elliot was in the process of closing his business, graduating the fire academy, and starting a new job.  So, during all of these events, the decision was made to permanently stop production of The Other Side of Life.  Now, it was also during this time that a devastating storm came through and destroyed all of our equipment, including backups, email, etc.  So, we waited in vain and watched our dream slowly fade away..



Now, these events what has brought us to where we are today.  The name Knight’s Pub was created by Stan when he was doing his own podcast show The Knight of The Word Ministries and we eventually started referring to our recording studio as “The Knights Pub.”  The original idea of a new show was to be called “Through The Looking Glass“, which came to Elliot while he was on holiday in Ireland visiting family.  However, upon returning to the states Elliot started to discuss the new ideas with Stan, who kept referring to the new show as “The Knight’s Pub“.  So, to avoid falling into the same paradigm, and to start a new series in our pod show careers, “Through the Looking Glass” was set to the side and “The Knight’s Pub” came to life.

We have always maintained our live mission of protecting the innocent, giving charity to the widowed and orphans, and spreading the Word of God by any means necessary, which happens to include multi-media, pod cast, and live shows.

Now, enough of the history and memory flashbacks of the past.  So, get ready for some new material, new shows, and a fresh outlook on life from two of our veteran broadcasters Elliot and Stan.

Please feel free to email our hosts at the following:

Elliot                                     Stan “The Man”

The Knights Pub

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  1. Stan says:

    Hi everyone! I thought I would correct a spelling error on our most recent show I was talking about a great author Bill Myers. Well i spelled his last name wrong It is MYERS, is said Meyers. Any way he has wonderful books for adults and teens plus children. His website is http://www.billmyers.com. Please give him a look if you are a reader or your kids are. His is a christian author you will find his work entertaining and relevant and educational. Hope you do.


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