Author and Founder of The Church of Jedism, Daniel Jones, stops by The Knights Pub.

February 3, 2018  5:00 PM <CST>

In 2007 Daniel Morgan Jones became world famous for founding The Church of Jediism at the age of 20.  Daniel has been a student of human behavior and interaction since he was 11 years old. In his extensive research, he began to recognize parallels between all the positive and inspiring material in every world religion, philosophy and spiritual text he encountered. Having been an avid Star Wars fan from the age of 4 it dawned on him that the perfect human being all his research pointed towards was that of the idyllic Jedi Knights from the Star Wars universe so he set about developing the teachings of Jediism. This was the birth of the Church of Jediism in 2007. Originally called the “UK Church of Jediism” the organisation grew out of its small holding in Anglesey, Wales in the U.K where Daniel lives and works in the international stage.

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