Tom Dunn and Jared Chrestman, of the film Detestable, stop by The Knights Pub.

October 7, 2017 7:00 PM (CST) (RESCHEDULED TBA)

Please join us as Director Thomas Dunn and Producer Jared Chrestman, of the film Detestable, stop by The Knights Pub.  Detestable exposes the hidden practices of human sacrifice, sexual abuse, and Satanic Ritual Abuse that is all but covered up or forgotten in our society.  Tom discusses some of the cases involved in the film and the rituals that each of the people interviewed remember about them. We will also look into some other Satanic Ritual Abuse cases, what they mean, and the proofs for their validity. Tom also will discuss what inspired him to take on such a heavy topic as SRA, how he became involved in helping victims get saved, healed and delivered by Jesus Christ, and how all of this has become a passion and a ministry for him.  Most importantly, we also discuss the film making process and the incidents, trials, and tribulations that were experienced during the making of this film.

WARNING:  This show will deal with topics exposing the dark secrets of Satanic Ritual Abuse, sexual abuse, and human sacrifice.  Listening discretion is advised.

Catch us live by selecting radio at the top of the page, or by going to and searching for The Knights Pub.

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