Author of Spiritland Ghosts of California’s Central Ghost, Avia Belle Moon, stops by The Knights Pub.

July 1, 2017  7:00 PM (CST)

Please join us as we welcome Avia Belle Moon to The Knights Pub.  Avia began a writing career in Japan over 15 years ago with a book on ancient Japanese nobility. Now she finds herself writing about the paranormal.  In Spiritland: Ghosts of California’s Central Coast, Avia introduces California’s Central Coast as an incredible vortex of healing and paraspiritual energy, with Point Conception believed to be the “Western Gate” of the United States.  Acquaint yourself with spirits who roam miles and miles along California’s gorgeous central coastline. Stroll through haunted halls of missions in the footsteps of Chumash Indians and Spanish conquistadors. Make your way to the Santa Maria Inn, which is filled with ghosts from its illustrious past who regularly use the elevator. Spend some time in Summerland, or heaven, the first Spiritualist colony in the U.S., and meet Hector, the young boy who inhabits The Big Yellow House. Explore the theory of a parallel universe and different dimensions. Enter the world of Robbie, a young boy whose life was cut short by an evil entity that still travels between this world and the next to hide his wicked crime. So join the spirits along California s central coast and spend time within an incredible vortex of paranormal energy!




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