Author Paul Smith stops by The Knights Pub.

May 6, 2017  7:00 PM <CST>

Please join us as we welcome back Paul Smith to The Knights Pub.  Paul has an even more explosive topic to explore: the eerie paranormal prophecies for the Second Coming of Christ, as relayed by Jesus himself; 1930s by American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce; and by 1960s-1980s author Ruth Montgomery. She was a pen pal of Paul’s, and issued many on-target predictions via her series of best-selling books, partly written through her by some noble “Spirit Guides.” Actual matching scientific data on these supernatural forecasts, issued just recently, is laced within the pages of this family-friendly fictional adventure novel, “The Treasure Keys to Christ’s Return.” The decision to write this book was cinched when in mid-November 2016, Paul experienced a riveting, “very, very real” dream of meeting Jesus, face to face!

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