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Hello everyone and i wanted to take a moment and thank you for stopping by The Knight Pub Podcast.  As many of you have noticed that there has been a lapse in shows and show content and after discussion with brother Stan we have decided to broadcast and record the show in a strict podcast format.  There are several reasons for this decision.

  • Recently, there have been guests that have been unable to meet the schedule or demands of our “live” broadcast schedule.  Although there were several instances that a live show negated, due to technical difficulties at the time of the recording, a pod show was still able to be uploaded to the site and shared on the various mediums.
  • Recording live is very stressful and although myself and brother Stan would be on the air, there was always concerns of broadcast equipment, bandwidth, broadcast server going offline at the most inopportune time, and verification that the show was being broadcasted live.  These concerns distracted us from concentrating on the shows and you could start to recognize the disconnect as later shows progressed.
  • Most of our guests hated the live show format and preferred that we recorded a podshow to upload later.

Although there are several others that can be listed, which we will be covering them in our next show that we hope to uploaded by this weekend.  The Knights Pub is not going away but taking an alternate approach to broadcasting.  Now, this is not to say that we would not entertain the idea of exploring other “live” venues to try and live broadcast in the future, but as for now we want to concentrate and continue to provide good quality shows and videos to our audience.

As always, thank you for your continued support, downloads of shows and videos, and stopping by The Knights Pub.

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T.V. and Film director Marty Stalker stops by The Knights Pub

February 10, 2018  7:00 PM <CST>

The struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, purity and depravity is an age old struggle that man has sought to understand and ultimately overcome. T.V. and Film director Marty Stalker has taken on the task of examining the life and ministry of Malachi Martin in his documentary “Hostage to the Devil.” With access to a variety of personal acquaintances and friends from Malachi Martin’s life, Marty’s film will certainly be a fascinating look at the nature of the battles against against the powers and principalities warned about in Ephesians… and specifically the work of one man who devoted his life to exposing them.  Hostage to the Devil’ is made up of real footage from exorcisms in addition to interviews and dramatic reconstructions and archival material.



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Author Ross Allison stops by The Knights Pub.

January 27th, 2018  7:00 PM <CST>

Ross Allison has been investigating the paranormal for close to 30 years. His work has taken him all over the world to London, Paris, Romania, Rome, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Spain and many other exciting locations. Throughout his travels, Ross has  collected ghost stories, investigated haunted sites and photographed some of the most beautiful cemeteries you can only imagine.

Besides his passion for exploring the unknown, Ross has written a number of books, with articles featured in magazines and blogs. He also enjoys traveling the US to speak with students, fellow ghost hunters and others that fancy a good ghost story.

Throughout his career, Ross has appeared on a number of programs, books, magazines, documentaries and radio shows. You may have seen him on shows like: Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, America’s Ghost Hunters, The Montel Show and quite a few others. Keep an eye out for his new book, Haunted Toys with co author David Weatherly in bookstores.


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Author of True Stories of the Paranormal, Cindy Parimter, stops by The Knights Pub

 January 20th, 2018  7:00 PM <CST>
Please join us as Author of True Stories of the Paranormal, Cindy Parimeter, stops by The Knights Pub.  Cindy Parmiter started out as a screenwriter before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Her first work of fiction, “Three Haunted Tales” is a collection of short horror stories. Her second novel, “Fox Holler”, relates the plight of a close-knit farm family who find themselves pitted against murderous home invaders.
Always fascinated by true ghost stories and other tales of the supernatural, Cindy decided to change directions and focus her writing in the genre of nonfiction. Her family history is steeped in folklore so stories were plentiful which resulted in the “True Stories of the Paranormal” series.
The author’s work has been featured numerous times on the anthology web series “Weird Darkness”.
She is currently hard at work on her latest collection of true paranormal accounts titled “True Tales of the Supernatural: Volume 1.” The author is also a contributor to several online horror publications.
Cindy has been a featured guest on various podcasts including “Beyond the Darkness.” She is also a noted speaker on the subject of the paranormal and unexplained.
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Author Paul Smith stops back by The Knight’s Pub

December 2, 2017     7:00PM <CST>

Please join us as author Paul Smith stops back by The Knights Pub to discuss his latest book Sexy Alien Races.  A fun, fictional romantic comedy novel. If you can find a funnier book BUY IT! A handsome young publicist gets a job at a wacky Las Vegas minor league baseball operation and tries to win over his gorgeous boss and her eccentric father, the team’s owner. Along the way he creates (and corrupts) costumed ballpark mascot races, based on actual alien sightings, all before a huge misunderstanding occurs. Can our klutzy hero win back his job, his girl, his friends and his self-respect — or will he go bankrupt, get arrested, dumped and kicked to the curb by aging loan-shark “senile delinquents?”


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Get ready for some shows!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to drop a line to let our audience know that our break is coming to an end and we are looking forward to getting back on the air.  We are looking forward to speaking with future guests Tom Dunn and the return of one of our favorite guests Paul Smith.

Thank you for the continued support by the listening and downloading of our shows and watching our videos.

Please watch the website for upcoming guest interview.

See everyone soon down at The Pub!

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Watchman Alexander Lawrence stops by The Knights Pub.

August 5, 2017 7:00 PM (CST)

Please join us as author of Leviathan’s Ruse, The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good & Evil,  Alexander Lawrence, stops by The Knights Pub.  In Leviathan’s Ruse, Alexander Lawrence exposes the tactics of the Dragon while tackling popular misconceptions and unbiblical views that have infected the church. He illuminates six major components to the great deception that Satan has leveled against us since the Garden of Eden, and explains how these relate to biblical end-time prophecies.



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Author of The Enigma of Rosalie, Paul Adams, stops by The Knights Pub

July 29 2017 11:00 AM (CST) 4:00 PM (GMT)

Paul was born in Surrey in 1966 and grew up in South-West London. Through popular ghost books by writers such as Dan Farson and Mary Danby, together with late-night showings of Hammer Films, Paul became fascinated with the paranormal in both fact and fiction. In 1939, ghost hunter Harry Price claimed to have attended a seance at a private house in London where, under his own control conditions, the solid form of a little girl, who had been dead for over fifteen years, materialized among the sitters. The case of ‘Rosalie’, the spirit child, is perhaps Price’s most controversial investigation and has remained a mystery for eighty years. In his book, Paul has carried out the most detailed examination of the ‘Rosalie’ case ever undertaken, and now the true story of this extraordinary chapter in the history of twentieth century psychical research can be told.
Was Harry Price telling the truth? Had he himself been fooled by a clever trick? Or was ‘Rosalie’ genuine evidence of the reality of both life after death and spirit materialization? In this book, Paul Adams, co-author of The Borley Rectory Companion, offers the most detailed, original and comprehensive study undertaken of Harry Price and ‘Rosalie’. Extensively researched and compiled from numerous sources including the Harry Price archives at the University of London as well as private and unpublished collections, this is the true story of one of psychical research’s most enduring and engaging mysteries.


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Author of Spiritland Ghosts of California’s Central Ghost, Avia Belle Moon, stops by The Knights Pub.

July 1, 2017  7:00 PM (CST)

Please join us as we welcome Avia Belle Moon to The Knights Pub.  Avia began a writing career in Japan over 15 years ago with a book on ancient Japanese nobility. Now she finds herself writing about the paranormal.  In Spiritland: Ghosts of California’s Central Coast, Avia introduces California’s Central Coast as an incredible vortex of healing and paraspiritual energy, with Point Conception believed to be the “Western Gate” of the United States.  Acquaint yourself with spirits who roam miles and miles along California’s gorgeous central coastline. Stroll through haunted halls of missions in the footsteps of Chumash Indians and Spanish conquistadors. Make your way to the Santa Maria Inn, which is filled with ghosts from its illustrious past who regularly use the elevator. Spend some time in Summerland, or heaven, the first Spiritualist colony in the U.S., and meet Hector, the young boy who inhabits The Big Yellow House. Explore the theory of a parallel universe and different dimensions. Enter the world of Robbie, a young boy whose life was cut short by an evil entity that still travels between this world and the next to hide his wicked crime. So join the spirits along California s central coast and spend time within an incredible vortex of paranormal energy!




Catch us live by selecting radio at the top of the page, or by going to and searching for The Knights Pub.


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Upcoming guests and show information.

Good evening everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and apologize for the show not broadcasting on this past Saturday.  The local power company has been upgrading our infrastructure and unfortunately this past Saturday was the day they chose to make the final upgrade. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our show with author Paul Adams, however, after reaching back out to him, we were able to rescheduled the show for July 29th at 11:00 AM.

Don’t forget our interview, this Saturday at 7:00 PM, with author Avia Belle Moon on her paranormal experiences and book Spiritland.


As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone and we will see you soon down at The Pub!

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